Monday, October 20, 2014

Hello :)

After a long hiatus I'm planning to start blogging for good. It's been 3 years since my last post and much has changed since then. I was in form 4 and now I'm currently doing my form 6. Thankfully I'm in my last sem and I'm graduating soon *hurray! Currently preparing for my last sem exams and also I'm resitting my past sem 2 and sem 1 results. Many will be shocked to hear this,but I'm resitting six papers which consists of 4 papers of sem 1 and 2 more papers in sem 2.This in total adds up to me having to sit for 10 papers in November (including 4 subjects in sem 3). Honestly the process going on now is tough..sometimes I can't even sleep thinking about my exams but in the end I did knowing that I've got no choice but to get sufficient rest so I can study. I'd just finished my trials last month and my position dropped in class from 4th to 8th..double the figure haha.But I know this is just a pitfall as I have to focus on my bigger picture which is the finals.Most of my friends are probably preparing for sem 3 and focusing on it but I on the other hand have to focus on my sem 3 including my other 6 papers. That's all I have to blog about for I'm supposed to be studying now.*feeling guilty Will be updating more on my life after my exams hopefully *fingers-crossed :P

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Light Painting

Currently having an interest on Light Painting photography..was introduced by my friend..somehow it's quite an interesting effect that I had just tried out..
Things have been running really fast these semester and,I just can't keep pace with it...

I'm here....alive xD

Will be blogging again..soon ;)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First outing after PMR

Had a fun outing with a few of my friends in Sunway today :)
Sadly,there were others who can't make it

Reached Pui Leng's house around 8+ followed by Than who reached a few mins later :)
Waited for Loh
During that time,watched tv and saw the medals tally for the Delhi Games,
Malaysia was ranked 7! With 7 Golds! 7 Silvers! 7 Bronzes!
My shirt was also written 7 on it.(I purposely picked it since it would be cold durin skating and coincidently it was no. 7 on the shirt XD)

The Power of 7!!

Watched MTV after was MTV hits that time..they played Heartbeat by Enrique Iglesias feat. Nicole Sherzinger.
The video effects of the beating heart was nice..
Reaced Sunway around 10..saw Celestine!haha
Skate,skate,skate and skated!

I fell the most,unfortunately..but I can't totally be blamed on it cos' it's my second time skating.First time was during Standard many years ago...(that time also I didnt really skate,I was so scared that I clutched my hands tightly on the holders)
It was the scary feeling during std 5 skating time that made me reluctant to go skating..

It's different now :)
This time during skating I felt Freee....
Free from the bounds of exams
Free from studying in preparation for PMR
Free from the hustle and bustle of KL( Just kidding )
and lastly,
Free from the fear of not daring to skate! :D

When I skated fast,I get to feel the Wind!,I get to feel Freedom!

But when I skated fast,I'll fall,that's the surety.
Not being able to control my leg movements had led me to falling...

If I'd never fall,I'd have never knew what it feels like to skate fastly and without the help of those holders XD

Got to know that before my friends were able to skate well,they'd also experienced falling before.
It was fun to fall,cos' after you fell,you'll laugh like Crazy! haha

Now my decision is,Let's Go for skating again! :D

Well,there were some pictures:

After around 1.00 pm..we stopped skating and went for lunch..
Walked walked and walked around Sunway to see for food.
Got lost following the map to find Redbox halfway.
We ended up going to Fullhouse..saw the menu..hmmm...maybe next time? XD
Then,our last destination,Sushi King!! :D
Told by dad that Sushi King had an offer,RM2 for every plate(select plates only but most of them)

The pics:

Sushi belt

Cup and Shoyu

All things Sushi

All things Sushi 2

Than's current Profile pic on fb :D



Promoting Sushi King? haha

Group shots:
After lunch,went around Sunway..
Then 6+,I had to leave while the others went for Secret Recipe :(
Had Mcflurry while my dad had Chocotop before we left Sunway.Whee~~

Monday, October 11, 2010

Gone are the days

Praise The Lord,
PMR's over~
Gone were the days where we have to study hard in every examination from Form 1-3.
Gone were the days where we would hope for A rather than anything else (As long as it's A)
Gone were the days where we would ask for extra marks from teachers just to get extra marks
Gone were the days where we would have a group study
Gone were the days where we would have a good laugh almost everyday in our class and with our form 1-3 classmates
Gone were the days where we would be thinking of PMR,PMR,PMR..
Gone were the days where we get to hear Ms. Woon's 'manja' voice to call us to study hard for PMR,esp KH,her subject.
Gone were the days where we would have to finish our Skor A tasks..

Gone gone gone...
Things will not change so much,only that this time school is without studies,exams and only fun fun fun for the year! :D

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Chuchumber Than

You're officially 15!
Will be updating a post about her as soon as I'm free.

Friday, January 29, 2010

May peace abide in me..

Me want peace!!!!
I felt really dizzy and frustrated with the hustle and bustle and the dullness of city lives..
I love the lush greeneries that's only available in the countryside...
How I wished I've lived there..
And..remember..when I've grown up,I'll guarantee y'all I'll buy a DSLR camera..if a normal digital camera is not enough..but I'll make sure I'll at least have a camera that is superbly clear and multifunctional..yeah,most probably a DSLR.

By then,Bye bye,you'll end up seeing me all around the world taking thousands of picures.

Hopefully,it's a dream coming true..

Love it,